Major Makeup Haul!


Hi dolls! Today I just had to share about my huge makeup haul over the past week – I am just too excited, I can’t contain it anymore 😛 I’ve been to Sephora, MAC, bought makeup online, had a friend send me some makeup – and I can’t wait to try it all. I have been thinking about YouTube videos to show the makeup is, how I apply it, an tips and tricks – what do you all think? Let me know in the comments or by liking this post!

Let’s get started!


This is a good chunk of my haul from Sephora and MAC. I had gone in looking for the new Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar (I have the original and LOVE it to death!), and I ended up walking out with $300 in damage. I bought the Kat Von D Ink! Liner, more of the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, and more of the Urban Decay Primer Potion, which I swear by for an eyeshadow base. I also got a few more things, including an old favorite Armani Code perfume, which I have not had in years but love dearly – one of my favorite scents! I also went to MAC and got some more of my Studio Sculpt foundation, as well as a limited edition lip liner in this gorgeous rose color, as well as some $10 lipglass and white pigment. The Better Than Sex Mascara from Too Faced looks very promising, as I have been looking for a good mascara, and most just don’t cut it. I like to have LASHES, not just meh lashes. I love drama, but only in my lashes 😉 I tried the Benefit They’re Real Mascara, but it didn’t seem so great to me, despite people raving about it. I hope this Better Than Sex stuff satisfies me (see what I did there?).


I absolutely adore Anastasia of Beverly Hills. I love everything they put out. If they make it, I will buy it. I have her contour palette and Dipbrow Pomade, and I am in love. So, it figures I would acquire more. I bought a different shade of the Dipbrow, since I’ve been thinking the Ebony may be a little too harsh for me, so I went with Ash Brown. I also bought her Brow Wiz in Dark Brown, and I intend to use the both to make a perfectly balanced and perfectly matching look. I want normal eyebrows, not Joan Crawford brows. AVOID! I also got the new (and glorious!) liquid lipsticks in Pure Hollywood and Sad Girl – I am currently waiting on Retro Coral to arrive 🙂 I have gotten more into darker colors and unique colors, so I had to get the Sad Girl, which is a gorgeous red-plum shade with shimmer! Shimmer is so hard to find in liquid lipsticks, and this one looks amazing.


Up next are some little random lovelies I can’t wait to try. I have heard wonderful things about the Orgasm blush from Nars, so I had to go for it. I went with a cream blush, since I much prefer that over powder (way more natural). As much as I absolutely adore my Besame Crimson Cream Rouge, it’s all I have used for three years (and still on the same pan!) and I feel like branching out a bit. The Orgasm blush looks amazing on all skin types an offers the perfect red-pink color, so I went for it. I have also gotten super into MAC pigments, as well as more red and copper shades for my eyes, so I bought the Heritage Rouge and Copper pigments. For highlighting the inside of my eyes near my tear ducts, I bought the white pigment at MAC for $10, as it’s in a small size. But with these pigments, a little goes a LONG way! Definitely don’t treat them as normal shadows, or you will look like Tammy Faye Baker. Again, AVOID! And in my search for different lip colors, I found Lime Crime’s Chinchilla lipstick, which I picked up for $10 on a clearance from Pin Up Girl Clothing when I was finally able to pick up their black stretch capri pants when they returned back in stock (Whee!). This color is a grey lilac, which I love. I can’t wait to try it!


Next up are some products from Le Keux cosmetics, along with an accompanying lip brush. A friend bought and sent me these straight from London, as I have always wanted to try them. Peachy Keen lip paint is a gorgeous peach shade that is perfect for day, and especially for the upcoming spring and summer months (hurry up!). Whistle Bait is a highly pigmented sexy red shade that is perfect for nights out, or when you just want some extra zazz in your look. Black Cadillac is a gel eyeliner that I have been wanting to try – I am just waiting on the damn liner brush to arrive! 😛 I love Le Keux’s brushes – double ended for awesome convenience!

Also, have you noticed my pictures have gone up in quality? Well, the husband treated me to a new Canon Rebel T5 camera! It takes amazing shots, ad I cannot wait to take more to share with you. I know the camera phone shots were just not cutting it and did not look professional, and I am wanting to really make this blog the best it can be – I decided to start with the pictures, thanks to my awesome hubby 🙂

What do you all think of my giant makeup haul? I can’t wait to try it all and work it into my everyday (and even not-so-everyday) looks! Would you like to see YouTube videos? Let me know below!

Recent Acquisitions

Over the past few weeks, this girl has been acquiring some new goodies! Sometimes to the husband’s dismay, but you know – for work, fall, posterity 😛

I wanted to share some of the greatness I have gotten, because I have just been too excited about everything.  I got some basic needs like a black pencil skirt and basic tops, but I wanted to share some of the stars I have acquired because the girl just can’t help it! 🙂

40s rust dress

1940s Rust Colour Lace Detail Dress

As soon as I saw this, I knew I had to have it.  Isn’t it just perfect for fall with that colouring? It is the most divine rust colour, with slightly lighter lace detail at the bust pockets.  Authentic vintage in my size for $45? Yes ma’am!


Vintage 1950s Dead Stock Blouses

When I saw these, I envisioned them with jeans, a nice circle skirt – anything!  I love the subtle-yet-intricate details that both blouses have, as well as the soft colours that know no bounds of season.  Perfect basics that aren’t-so-basic that can take me from work to anywhere else without too much effort.  And who doesn’t love that?

fall bracelet

Vintage 1940s Lucite Bracelet

I saw this and had to nab it.  The colours are utterly fall and will match with a lot of my wardrobe.  The rich yellow, orange, brown, and green complement each other so well and make me instantly think of fall when the leaves are at their most vibrant and spectacular colouring. And for $10, too 😉

kitsch kitten bookends

1950s Kitsch Kitten Bookends

Anyone who knows me knows I love some good midcentury kitsch – I’m already amassing quite a collection, and always itching for more!  As soon as I saw these cuties, I had to have them – and now I do!  They are lovingly hugging some vintage pulp fiction novels I have on my vintage shelf in our bedroom.  And they are just bloody adorable.  The one thing that wasn’t adorable?  The seller I received them from using the name on the return address portion as “Mr. Big”.  Ehhhh…

lux de ville blue

Lux de Ville Blue Anchor Bag

I could not resist the colour of this bag.  I absolutely adore Lux and all of Yvette’s designs – I have about 5 or 6 of their bags now, and I’m always lusting for more 🙂  Oh, and something else pretty cool?  I accidentally got my nails done the same colour as my bag last week:


Tee hee hee 😛

Naturalizer heels

Naturalizer Vintage Inspired Pumps

I’ve been on a shoe binge lately, I will be the first to admit.  I feel like I am perpetually lacking in the show department, even in basics.  So, when I saw these beauties, I had to nab them.  They are a good brand, and the leather is as soft as a baby’s behind.  They are basic but yet not-so-basic – which is perfect and ever so versatile.

remix black

Black Remix Vintage Inspired Wedges

Anyone who is anyone in the vintage, pinup, or rockabilly scene knows of Remix.  I’ve lusted after them for quite a while now (along with Miss L Fire!), so when I found not one, but TWO pairs of Remix shoes for under $30 each (when they retail for well over $100 each), I was nearing peeing myself.  I had to, I just had to.  I got these little lovely black wedges along with this gorgeous chartreuse pair as well:

remix green

I love them!  Unfortunately, one of the back straps broke on the black pair, but I can reconfigure them to take out the back straps and just make them a slip-in sandal.  Problem solved! 🙂

sweater clip

1950s NOS Flamingo Sweater Clip

I have always wanted a sweater clip/holder, but have never really found one that “spoke” to me, so I never indulged.  I happened to randomly search for sweater clips on eBay, and I came across this beauty!  I love flamingos, they have such a broad appeal across the vintage and rockabilly scenes alike.  And this being NOS sealed the deal for me.  I love pre-loved vintage dresses, but for some reason little items like this I get excited about being new and I can’t believe how it made it this long without being loved by someone!  I had to give it a loving home…so I did 😀

TTL Dress

Vintage Reproduction 1950s Tie Shoulder Swing Dress

I bought this off of a Facebook group that specifically caters to vintage for ladies over a size US 14.  This was hand made by a member of the group who makes FABULOUS dresses by the name of Tatted Tina Lopez.  The quality of her work is simply amazing, I must say!  I instantly fell in love with this dress from the tie shoulder straps to the way the print just screams mid century modern – I had to have it in my life! Can you honestly blame me? 😉

What goodies have you recently purchased?  Anything you want to share?  Do you get as excited as I do, or am I alone here? 😛

Just Call Me Miss Thrifty

Well, I am sure you can guess as to what this post concerns! I went thrifting yet again yesterday, as that has now become my ritual to hit up as many thrift shops as possible when I am visiting my Mom down here at the Jersey Shore. I went to my two usuals that I go to every time, which are the charity thrift shop on route 37 and another a little more down 37 and off the beaten path. And damn, did it seem like it was thrift day for everyone yesterday! Both parking lots were packed; I think it may be because most shops get/put out their new acquisitions on Tuesdays. But I am a champion fast browser, so I made sure to look quick and grab anything I may have liked. That way, I already have it and can decide later as to whether I really want to buy it. That’s always a good rule of thumb to go by, especially when shops are busy.

“So what the hell did you buy?!” I’m sure you’re asking by now. Well, lets dive in, shall we?


I got one fabulous tea length a-line plaid skirt, and I nearly died when I saw this amazing barkcloth circle skirt on the rack – in my size, too!

But the detail is killer:


That is at the bottom near the hem of the skirt. But check out the waist – and the price!


Amazing, n’est pas?

I also bought a basic black silk blouse that can go with anything. Every vintage girl needs a decent basic white and basic black shirt in their wardrobe so that it can go with anything. I have my white one coming in the mail, and this is my black one:


I also snagged myself a beautiful cream white chiffon scarf for cheap:


Next, I went to the thrift shop that you kind of have to “know about”, if you know what I mean. It’s a bit off the beaten path but well worth a good run over there! Let’s look at what I snagged there:


These are two shirts that just screamed “BUY ME!” as soon as I spotted them. They definitely have more of a rockabilly vibe, which I wear a lot as well of course. Leopard print is something you can never go wrong with, and I just loved the colours in that plaid shirt!


This is a dress I am not too sure about. I’m not sure if it looks ’40s or ’50s enough. Does it look too ’80s, too ’90s? It has a cute white print on a forest green with some nice detail, but I still can’t figure it out.


I figured for only $4, why not give it a shot. What do you all think?

I think my only problem now is how I am going to haul all of this clothing back home with me, between my backpack full of clothes I already brought and my cat in her carrier, this is going to be a logistical nightmare! LOL.

Nifty, Thrifty, and Awesome!

I am currently here visiting my Mom as the semester is over and staying at home for a month with nothing to do does not appeal to me. I can stay here, have a good time with my Mom doing absolutely nothing, and of course – visit a few thrift shops along the way!

Most of the thrift shops down here in southern NJ aren’t bad, and dare I say are actually better than NYC ones just for the sheer fact that all of the hipsters don’t get to everything before us regular folks do. That and it is mad cheap here! As I had mentioned in an earlier post, most of this area is a retirement community, so the older ladies and lads unleash their older clothing to the many choice thrift shops around town. Of course, any time I am down here I just ITCH to go to the many thrift shops around. As of late, my Mom and I have been ill will some sort of stomach bug from some dip we ate at her friend’s house New Year’s Eve. But, I still pulled myself together to go to this thrift shop that I saw as an advert on TV a few days prior. It looked like a fabulous place, and boy was I on the mark!


It is called “Off The Racks”, and most of the clothes come from a sister consignment shop that has not sold the clothes within thirty days. The layout and look of this store is gorgeous! You really don’t feel like you are in a typical thrift shop, but more like in a boutique. Everything is extremely organized, from dresses to pants to sweaters and everything in between. They are all even subdivided into sizes, from XS/S through 3X. They have sale racks too and everything is $1.99. Everything else is the store, no matter what, is all $4.99. How amazeballs is that? Just check out how well organized this store is:


They had some fabulous items there, from the high end to designer to rare names and everything in between. They even had a pair of designer shoes worth well over $500 there selling for only $10! Can you believe that?! I am so disappointed that I have such huge feet that I couldn’t buy any of those gorgeous shoes – and most had a vintage inspiration to them! Poo poo 😦

But what did I buy? I still snagged some fabulous things! Take a gander below:


1950’s inspired bolero – $4.99


High waist ’40s inspired work/swing pants – $4.99


What we’ve got here is a polka dot bolero with a chiffon tie – $4.99; blue nautical inspired shirt – $1.99; black wool cardigan with embellishments (see photo of detail below) – $4.99


This photo of the detail on this black cardi does nothing for how wonderful it looks!


I LOVE these pants! They have quite a wonderous 1940s/1950s ladies jeans type feel, including the high waist. Just as soon as I saw them, I immediately grabbed them. And, of course, for only $4.99.


Don’t you just love these? The top is a nautical inspired jean bolero with a Peter Pan collar and this super cute anchor design on the lining. The red cardigan is one I need anyway because for some odd reason I have no red cardis whilst most things I own have at least a bit of red in it – how did that happen?! Red is my favourite colour!

Of course, those two tops above were $4.99 as well.

Do you know what else they had that my Mom amazingly found for me?



I almost fainted. How awesome is that? I know it’s a CD, but my Bose DVD system will play CDs wonderfully, and I am beyond excited to see how fab it all sounds. The CD itself looks immaculate!

And how much did this incredible thrifting haul cost me? Thirty dollars! Yes, that’s right, 3-0 dollars. And the absolute best part? The proceeds go to helping abused, sheltered, and milled puppies! OMG I literally screamed with glee when she said that. I would have bought the whole store just to help the little puppies. I’m a total softie for animals 🙂

Want to check out more? Head over to their Facebook and see what’s up! And if you are ever in the area, head to:

950 Route 9 North
Bayville, NJ 08721

Have any of you gone on any great thrifting hauls lately? Any shops you are dying to visit?