Six for Sunday

Hi everyone!

Yes, it’s that time again – Six for Sunday! I’m going to fill you all in on what is currently rocking and socking my world right now. Let’s go…

1. JD McPherson


I’ve said it before and I will certainly say it again – LOVE this guy! His music is simply intoxicating, and the songs always get stuck in my head. His live show was also amazing at Viva, and I felt obligated to do an individual post to do it right justice. “North Side Gal”, “Scratchin’ Circles”, “Country Boy”, and so many more are something I definitely plan on playing many times at my potential rockabilly pool party in the summer!

2. Fifty Shades of Grey


Yes, I caved. After hearing all the hype, I felt I needed to investigate. I must say, it is intriguing, and I like its plot line, but I can’t say it is any high brow literature that deserves praise as a masterpiece. It is good light reading, something to lose yourself in and enjoy yourself (especially if you’re feeling rather peeked lately 😉 ). But I did download “Gone With The Wind” on the Kindle my Mom just gave me to go back to reality a little bit, and go to something with a little more of a cerebral core. I have been going between the two, because sometimes I need a break from one to go to the other. I’m already on page 155 of Shades already, so I guess that’s not bad after owning it for only a day so far. Gone With The Wind is right at the beginning, with those pesky Tarleton twins 😉

3. Doris Mayday in The Pin Up magazine


Agh, she is by far my most favourite pin up/vintage model, but Masuimi Max surprised me at Viva and made me love her, so she’s a close second. I specifically invested $10 in the hard copy of the magazine despite subscribing digitally so I could attain her John Hancock. I don’t think signing my iPad would be that grand of an idea, now would it? After I got my picture with all the lovely ladies, I asked for her autograph, an she was more than happy to oblige me in the perfection you see above. I just wish I could get it framed somehow!

4. Going through my Grandma’s personal affects


I recently helped my Mom go through some of my grandmother’s old stuff (She passed last year at age 95. Best grandma ever 🙂 ), and I found some amazing personal treasures that I plan on keeping for the rest of my life. I found birth certificate from 1915 (!), high school diploma from 1933, her personalized bible from the ’50s, and things from my grandfather. I thought it was so cool to see that, and have a personal part of my family’s history from my favourite era. I am actually really jealous my grandmother got to live in the time period I wanted hahah.

5. Libeled Lady


A movie from 1936, starring Myrna Loy, (a young!) Spencer Tracy, William Powell, and the awesome Jean Harlow. I finally managed to get a non-broken DVD from Netflix after two previous tries, so I was more than excited to give it a whirl ASAP. And I must say, it’s one of the best movies from the ’30s I have watched in a long time, if ever! Minus Gone With The Wind, naturally 😉 It’s about a woman (Loy) who is suing for libel after a newspaper prints supposed falsities of her being a husband stealer. Powell’s character is hired by Tracy’s character to try and intervene and get rid of the suit. Harlow’s character, who is Tracy’s fiancée, gets pulled into their scheme as well. I am not going to divulge any more than that, because I want you all to watch it! It was Oscar-nominated, so if that doesn’t help you decide, you’re bloody hopeless ;-P

6. Fenway Park’s 100th anniversary celebration – 4/20/12


One hundred years ago on 20 April, Fenway Park, the home of the Boston Red Sox, opened. In honour of this milestone, they brought back legends from the Red Sox as far back as the ’30s and ’40s. Fisk, Pesky, Buckner(!), Garciaparra, and many more legends walked the field in a reunion only a baseball fan could fantasize about. I literally got the chills watching all of those legends together, seeing all of history all at once in such a historical moment as that. It really was special, and I hope to see that again sometime. I doubt it though – it’s a once in a lifetime thing.

The Importance of Eyebrows

Hi dolls!

My entry this week has to do with something that many ladies overlook nowadays, but can really make  huge difference in the look your are trying to achieve – eyebrows! Many women underestimate how a good and well-shaped brow can really bring your whole vintage look together and really authenticate it. Each decade has its own unique brow shape that defined the time and made its mark on the era. Some were more decadent, some more natural – but all very beautiful!

I decided to break down the eyebrow looks by decade, and give you a visual to show you a good example of the look of the time.

The 1920s

Clara Bow

As you can see from Clara Bow, the eyebrows of the ’20s were rather exaggerated and unnatural. Eyebrows tend to show your expressions the most on your face, and this look shows a more worried or pensive look. You don’t really need to pay attention to the exact shape of the brow, as you just need to make a ever so slightly curved line, pretty much straight from one side to the other. Do note, however, that the end of the brow extends past the natural end to the brow. The thickness pretty much stays the same for the entire length of the brow as well. All you really need to create this look is an eyebrow pencil drawn from end to end.

The 1930s 

Jean Harlow

Eyebrows of the ’30s really made a 180 and changed rather radically from the look a decade prior. No longer were the straight, low eyebrows of the ’20s the look to have – very high and very arched brows were the look to covet now. Jean Harlow is the icon to think of when it comes to this authentic 1930s look. This look almost a perfect half-circle, and I have often used Layrite pomade tubs as a guide in order to get the right look. I don’t do many ’30s looks often, but when I do, it’s helpful to have that as a guide 🙂 All you need is an eyebrow pencil and to just glide it smoothly across, up, and over to create this look. Be sure that the width of the brow is the same all the way across.

The 1940s

Rita Hayworth

Eyebrows of the 1940s were much more natural than in the ’30s. They were still curved, but more to the natural curve you were born with. You can also notice that the brows gradually decrease in thickness as it goes along from the middle of the face towards the end at the edge of the eye. They keyword in this look is “gradual” as well as “natural”. During World War Two it was seen as frivolous and unnecessary to have anything other than that. This is the eyebrow I do the most frequently. I just do a slight line with an eyebrow pencil to get the general shape down, and then I fill it with brow powder on a slanted brush in order to fill and set the shape. Make sure also that you use some type of brow gel in order to keep the hair in place, as manicured eyebrows are a very important part of this look. I actually use Layrite’s Super Hold Deluxe Pomade to keep my brows in check. Even though it is specifically used for “extreme” hairstyles such as mohawks and such (the regular deluxe pomade is best for us retro styling ladies :-), I have found it works very well to tame brow hairs when I had initially gotten this type, which is not the best for retro styling.

The 1950s

Marilyn Monroe

When I think ’50s glamour, I think of Marilyn Monroe (As you will know as this blog progresses – I love Miss Marilyn!). And the brows this gal had? Very ’50s. The look and fullness was still very much similar to the ’40s, but if you look closely between Rita and Marilyn, you can notice one major difference – the arch. In the ’40s, the arch was more slight and rounded; in the ’50s, the arch was more pointed and severe. I think this had something to do with the fact of the prosperity after the war years. America was booming, and Hollywood entered a new phase of the glamour it had always known back then. The economy was very good then, and more women tried new things and looks changed a bit as a result. No longer was there a need to really dial down looks because of the Depression or the War – now was the time to go for it and have fun! Take that attitude to heart when having these eyebrows. Whenever I sport this look, I divide my brows into two areas, separated right at the arch. I pencil in the first area towards the inner eye, then the outer area to taper out. This creates a better arch as a base for when you fill in your brows with powder and set it with your gel. The cat eye liner goes great with this look!

Whatever look you choose, be sure to remember how good eyebrows frame the face and highlight your features. Most nowadays underestimate the importance the eyebrows have on your total look, but as these ladies demonstrate, they can really make or break your look – especially in terms of a vintage/retro vibe. I would not hesitate labeling eyebrows as being of the same importance as red lips! Eyebrows are the undercover workers of beauty – you will not notice the wonders they do until you see it for yourself. Then after you will never want to go without, because you will certainly notice the huge difference they make!

*PLEASE NOTE*: I am going to be having shoulder surgery this Friday, so I may not be able to really make posts like this for about two or three weeks. I may post one more entry before my surgery, we shall see. Of course, I will absolutely try to post an entry if I am feeling up to it enough to type, but it is kind of tricky with shoulder surgery like I am having. I may post random things here and there, but rest assured, the time I am recovering will be spent invested in researching and coming up with new articles to post about. I just wanted to let all of you know what was going on so you don’t think I am abandoning the blog. I also wanted to wish everyone a great holiday and a happy new year!