My Love List

I always tend to go through periods of things that I am obsessed with on a rotation. I will be completely into something and want to be immersed in it for weeks at a time, usually. Of course, the vintage lifestyle is more than just a fleeting obsession for me, and it has become a part of who I am at my core. But there are elements of it that I may pick up for a while, and then move on. But it will always be there! Maybe I am a little weird, but I like it that way 😉

Here’s what I am totally into at the moment:

Getting Myself Doris Mayday’s Haircut


I am completely infatuated with her ‘do. I want it. I NEED it. I will have it. I know I need to get my hair trimmed at least, and I figure this is the perfect balance of length for it still looking feminine yet short enough to have the style hold and to have it be manageable. Getting her perfect style may require a bit more of an effort, but I think it is ultimately worth it. Vintage pinup perfection, my dear!


Breaking Bad on Netflix



I know, I know – it took me long enough to watch this show. It takes a lot for me to get into a new show (new to me, mind you). The last show I got into was Freakshow; before that was Mad Men, if that gives you any idea. But I have been wanting to watch Breaking Bad for the longest time since I heard such good things about it, and I tend to go for gritty and deep shows. Well, I was right! Immediately from the first episode I was drawn in. The new season starts this weekend, and even though I am not through all of the prior seasons on Netflix, I certainly will be tuning in this Sunday!


Double Indemnity (1944)



I loved this movie to begin with when I saw it late last year, but over the past week or so I have really gained an even deeper appreciation for this film. Barbara Stanwyck was genius and gave an amazing performance. This is a totally typical film noir, and was one of the very first in the genre. This type did not start getting popular until after the war; this was released during a time when very upbeat and chipper movies were de rigeur for the time, in order to lift the moods of moviegoers during a time deep in war. Double Indemnity broke that mold and offered patrons a taste of something different, which took movie making in a whole different direction.


Alex Minsky



Marine turned underwear model. You’re welcome, ladies 😉


L.A. Noire video game



I never EVER thought I would want a video game in my life. I’m not going to dive into why, but let’s just say I’ve had more than my full share against my will. But after being introduced to this amazing game, where you interrogate suspects and victims based in 1946 Los Angeles, I am all in. I am going to be grabbing myself an Xbox along with this game next week after I get paid, because I need this awesomeness in my life. You get to read people’s body language and how they act around you and respond to your questions, and guess whether they are lying, telling the truth, or you have doubt as to their answer but have no proof to shoot back in their face. You work at solving cases, all while seeing the amazing scene of post-war LA and the drool-worthy cars and clothing. And this game is actually rather accurate to the time period in regards to everything. I can’t wait to get my paws on it!


What items are on your love list right now?


New Tattoo & Odds and Ends

Sorry for not posting for so long, but I have been extremely busy and still dealing with my friend’s death. I have decided that I probably want to go back into the military – probably the Marine Corps, and I have already visited a recruiter and just need a few more papers and to get medically cleared and I may be good to go. There is one other factour, but it’s not something I feel like should be discussed via such a public medium, so I hope you understand. I also checked into the Navy, and may join the Medical Corps, for obvious reasons. I don’t want to waste my education, you know? Yes, I could always finish school later, but why not have the Navy pay for it and when I get out I will be good to go, and feel good about having gotten back into the military like I have wanted for years, but have been feeling more of a yearning for since my buddy’s brother’s death. I told the Navy recruiter I want to work in the FMF, with the Marines – no debate, no discussion there. She understands, and is a badass b*tch that I feel like I can trust will work to get me what I want and really, essentially, NEED 🙂

So, now, on to new business. I have a new tattoo, y’all! It was one I had wanted for years, ever since I got out of the Corps. I researched and researched, and found Supernova Tattoo. Leo “Bulldog” greeted me as soon as I walked in, and this place is just super rad – rockabilly music playing over the loud speaker, Japanese art pieces all over the place, and amazing tattoo art plastered on the walls made by the those who worked there. I had shown Leo a picture of a general idea of what I wanted, but explained some specific differences I wanted for it to fit my ideal piece.


So Leo drew up the general idea, and showed me. It was perfect! I did not alter anything in his drawing, and he plastered the stenciling on.

It took an hour and a half to get it all done. The entire time Leo and I were just chatting up about rockabilly – we both love it, and were talking about Viva Las Vegas, and how we love Johnny Cash. We were talking about how much we hate stupid people, love tattoos, and about martial arts (he’s involved, and I know MCMAP – which isn’t really martial arts, but whatever…). I felt super comfortable and didn’t really feel a thing on my arm, and was either totally agreeing with Leo on something, laughing, or whatever. I was actually sad that it was all over, and wanted to say to Leo, “Yo, dude, tat me up more, this shit has been awesome.”

And here it is, the final product!


It is really scanning up right now, and is rather gnarly looking. I almost don’t wanna show it off, but I just love it too much 🙂

What do all y’all think?!

The Reason for My Absence


Hi dolls-

Sorry I have been completely MIA lately, I’ve been having a hard time dealing with my buddy’s brother’s death in Operation Enduring Freedom, which is in Afghanistan. SSGT Eric Christian was a Special Ops Marine who had embedded Afghani Army soldiers they were training. Unfortunately, on 04 May, one of these soldiers turned around and shot him as well as a Corporal before being killed himself by the Marines.

His funeral was on Tuesday, and since I was already in the area visiting a friend, I HAD to attend the funeral. SSGT Christian had a funeral with full military honours, which is something that is truly beautiful yet incredibly painful. It was also at Arlington National Cemetery, which is a very moving and somber place to be, and is an honour to be laid to rest there.

The funeral affected me more than I could have ever anticipated. I saw the announcement of his death on the USMC official Facebook page even before I knew it was my Marine buddy’s brother. I usually don’t comment on it, but this time I felt this compulsion to write a comment. I put “RIP Devildog.” A few hours later I received the call of my buddy and made the connection. I just couldn’t believe it. Ever since then I had been in a fog, not caring about anything – not school, not PTing like I was supposed to, and also not this blog. Doing anything was a challenge.

Since I was in Maryland visiting a friend anyway, I felt like it was whatever is up there’s way of fate, telling me I needed and should go. My friend was incredibly gracious enough to let me stay the two extra days, and even came with me, which now looking back I could not have done alone.

A military funeral with full honours is just amazing. It really gets to you, right in your heart, right in your soul. I was having some panic attacks even days before, and on the way to Arlington I was wringing my hands so much I’m surprised I have skin left. The funeral lasted an hour, and there was a reception afterwards at the hotel my buddy Mark (his brother) was staying in, so I made the trip to go and see him. It was tough, but I did it. As soon as he saw me, he gave me a big bear hug and we talked for a while. I left there feeling such a goodness in my soul knowing I could be there, and felt it was fate that led me there. A perfect storm, if you will. It was really nice to see Mark, offer my condolences, and catch up.

Today is Memorial Day. Please keep SSGT Eric Christian and his sacrifice in your thoughts today. This is NOT national BBQ day – take it from a Marine. This morning, President Obama made a special speech, and mentioned SSGT Christian. I took a video which is below. Please excuse my bit o’ weeping, I couldn’t help it.

Please do your soul a favour, remember why Memorial Day is what it is and please donate to the SSGT Eric Christian Scholarship Fund. It doesn’t matter if it is even $5 or $10, anything helps.


I will be back soon. Thank you and remember the fallen this Memorial Day.