A Family Wedding

About two weeks ago, my husband and I went to his cousin’s wedding, and the reception was held at a gorgeous country club on Long Island. I wanted to look the part, so I found my dress first, and then built my outfit around that. 

My dress is the Gia dress from Pin Up Girl Clothing. It’s such a decadent and sexy dress, I had to have it! With a 1930s look, I decided to build my whole look around it. I wanted to go for a 1930s Art Deco vamp. It has a good amount of stretch but also is sturdy enough to hold and shape everything. I felt like a goddess for sure!

My clutch and earrings are gloriously glamorous – both from Pink Collar Life’s shop. Full disclosure though: if you visit their shop, you will want to buy everything they have! I have purchased about five separate occasions, and I have everything from clutches, hair barrettes, combs, headbands, jewelry, turbans and much more from them. All of their products are high quality and fabulous! For the wedding, I bought their Stardust clutch and Art Deco Fan earrings, shown below. 

Aren’t they stunning?! I received so many compliments on them that I honestly couldn’t keep track. They will be coming to Viva with me in a few weeks as well!

What makeup did I wear, you say? Well, I wore Velour Lashes mink falsies in Winging It, shown below. I wore several ColourPop shadows, and I used the Kat Von D Shade + Light contour kit as well as NARS blush in Orgasm. My brows are using Brow Definer in Dark Brown from Anastasia of Beverly Hills. My lippie is OCC Lip Tar in Black Dahlia. 

I loved my look for the night! I achieved curl in my hair via a wet set using Rockin’ Rollers (the same exact thing using a different name can be found in CVS) and Lottabody. I did not get to brush out as much as I wanted because after just having major wrist surgery, my wrist was not up to the task!

During the reception, a photographer was on standby taking pictures of guests and putting them into frames. Of course I dragged my husband to take a snap, and well…


The Wedding!

So it happened – I am a married woman, a wifey! I remember a few years back saying to my mom, “I’m never going to get married, that’s not my thing”…but here I am, now a Mrs. And it feels pretty good! 🙂

Now I know y’all want pictures, so here they are – all have been taken by the AMAZING Jodie King of Jodie King Photography. I could never have imagined anyone else taking my wedding pictures. And she did not disappoint, as usual!





So what do y’all think?! We had a great time and everyone got along swimmingly. None of us wanted to leave because we were drinking, dancing, and having a ton of laughs. My girl Nicole (in the red dress) flew all the way out from California to be my maid of honour – it wouldn’t have been the same without her or Jodie there, they are the best! Alex’s dad was the best man and my mom walked me down the aisle. We had a small wedding with only 11 people, but it was great 🙂

We are having a bigger party this Sunday, and my girl Jodie will be there taking more pictures. And you’d better believe I will be posting pictures of that as well 🙂

Outfit of the Day: 08 February

So yesterday I had an early day – I had a 9:30 appointment for my orthopaedic surgeon. We had quite the snow storm/blizzard here from yesterday afternoon into today, and the rain and sleet BS had already started even by the morning. So I was just super excited to go out in all of that crap. I also had a lab class from 3 to 6, but the forecast said the real crap would flow between that exact time span, so there was no way in hell I was going.

So what was a girl to do? Hit the streets still looking vintage fabulous, of course! I recently bought an absolutely stunning 1940s WWII suit that – get this – was made in Great Britain during the war. To me that just upped the fabulousness factour to an 11!

And since it was still colder outside than Dick Cheney’s heart, I decided to wear some black thermal leggings/stockings to aid in keeping me toasty. I’m still not sure if they looked alright with the suit, but I’m sure all of you can help me decide 🙂



Isn’t the suit just to die for?! And I’m sure you haven’t noticed all of the little details such as the interweaved colours, pocket bling, and cuff fold details. But here are some extra pictures so you can further inspect 😉



And here is a more scrutinizing picture of the pocket bling/intricacies and ornate yet glamourous weaves of colour detail for all y’all to oogle over:



And guess how much this beauty cost me? Only $45! I saw it on eBay about a month ago from the seller VogueVintageVixen and the start bid was at $40 with the Buy It Now at $45. Now I am not that stupid to just disregard the BIN option and just fight with people until the bitter end and watch the price just climb to nearly $150 or $200 easily. This is a perfect example of when having saved searches is the most genius idea – Diane had just listed this beauty not even a half an hour prior to my discovering it. Imagine if I hadn’t? I would have missed out on a huge opportunity to own one of the items from my Christmas Vintage Wish List – and it was number two on my list, so it was pretty important for me 🙂

In addition to the amazing suit, I had busted out my new brown loafers, which is one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own now. I know the brown wasn’t an exact match, but I felt it offered a decent contrast to the black leggings and the colour was represented in a small amount within the suit. One of my own personal “fashion rules” is to wear accessories that go with the minor/accent colours, such as with my loafers here and the yellow dahlia and blue rose earrings I had on, as well as my bakelite bangles. I feel following this rule really makes an outfit comes together in a much more natural, subdued, and amazing way.

As some of you may have noticed if you have been following my blog for a bit now, is that I usually am not a wearer of hats. At first I figured, “I would rather have more dresses, tops, skirts…” meaning more actual clothing in and of itself, rather than hats. Then I figured, “Meh, I don’t really look so hot in hats.” I’ve seen hundreds of pictures of my maternal grandmother from around this era of dressing, and she really knocked wearing hats way out of the ballpark. Then I decided, “Hats are really a necessary staple for most vintage wardrobes”, and I started hunting. I’ve gotten just four hats in the past month alone, all for first cheap on eBay. eBay has really become my main source for vintage clothing, because if you save searches and play your cards right, you can save some major money on these things! Most of the vintage items I have bought on eBay have been at least half or even a fifth of what it “should”/”would” be on Etsy. Just remember – perseverance and saved searches! To figure out my bidding strategy that has worked so well for me (for the most part! LOL) you can click here to read my previous post.

I did, however, have one ’40s hat. I bought it back in December 2011, soon after I had my shoulder surgery. It screamed at me constantly to buy it, and plus it was only $10 due to the netting being all torn n’ worn. I’m not a big fan of having a net over my face anyway, so when I received it, it was promptly removed. But have I worn it since I bought it over a year ago? Nope. Not even once. I was even thinking about selling it. But as soon as I saw that suit, the whole status of the hat changed as well. It now has a life! And it was given many compliments during its outing today. I am sure all of my other hats (I keep wanting to say “covers” instead of “hats” – old military habits die hard LOL) are quite jealous. I will get to the rest of you my lovelies, no worries, as I now have a newfound love of hats thanks to this spectacular little brown number that took me 14 months to wear:



Isn’t it beautiful? I have no idea why I never wore it before other than my firm belief I had nothing to wear with it, which was an invalid idea even before getting this suit – I had a few dresses with some brown in them prior, so I don’t know where my mind was for 14 months in regards to this hat!

The seller of this suit also had several other items she needed/wanted to unload, as she really isn’t going to sell anymore because she just said being a seller, especially on eBay, is just too much BS anymore (to which I agreed, as I’ve had my own issues). Then she went on to say she would send me a few other vintage goodies for me, since we seemed to have the same measurements. She sent me a 60’s black sheath dress with incredible beading and jeweled detail at the neckline, a 50’s nude lace skirt and top set, again with great neckline detail also. And last but not least, she sent me a tea length black 50’s fully lined coat with mink fur at the collar and around the a cuffs, made in the USA by the union(s). Isn’t all of that amazing?! I must take pictures for all of you to see, because it is just breathtaking, all of what she sent me. I thought about selling the 60’s dress and 50’s shirt/skirt set, but I just can’t because they have sentimental value now – it reestablished my faith in humanity and the kindness of strangers in a way; it made me smile to know that there are still some decent people out there that you are fortunate to come in contact with once in a while 🙂

So despite this heinous weather we are having now, I still made an effort. Like I said in my first outfit post – I try to look the best I can to look presentable and dress the way that I always feel best in – true vintage or rockabilly style 🙂

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Outfit of the Day: 06 February

So yesterday I had my anatomy & physiology lecture class. I actually enjoy all of the three (yes, you read that right – the number three) hours of it because the human body fascinates me. I love talking about it. I love learning more about it. It’s one of the things that drives my passion for medicine (that and orthopaedics 🙂 )

So, in my typical fashion, I had to glam it up! I don’t care that it was my only class that day, or that it is “only” an outing of three hours – I want to look good and feel good. If I showed up wearing sweats (which would be NEVER), I’m sure I wouldn’t be walking around campus with that extra swag and confidence. I really believe dressing “up” helps me with school. It’s like they say about those who work from home – still get dressed in work/professional attire, and you will psychologically change into “work mode”. It works. Trust me.

So, I primped – full makeup, and I got to wear some of my many new additions I have acquired over the past month or so. I was so excited about this outfit that I took my coat off in class, although I was a tad cold the whole time. But damn, I had it goin’ on (at least I think so heheh):


I really do apologize for the completely horrid picture. I have a self timer picture app on my phone, and this was a spur of the moment thing right when I got home. This also explains the hair, as it was in a wig cap at this moment, since I had taken off the wig already. My bad. But here’s what the wig looks like!


Again, I apologize for the abhorrent picture. I promise I will get better at this outfit picture taking thing! I have no husband or boyfriend to take snaps for me like most other bloggers – it’s just all me. So please bare with me 🙂

I thought this wig went well with the outfit, and since I spent a lot of time reading today I didn’t have the time to do my hair. What’s an instant fix? Wigs! I have a blonde one too, but that is mostly for events/occurrences where I need to be “normal looking”, such as job interviews and whatnot.

My absolute favourite part of this outfit? The WWII V for Victory pin I fought to the death for on eBay. And the eBay gods worked in my favour 🙂


Less than $20 all together for it. It is my pride and joy. This and my FDR reelection pin, because I am blood related to him…so of course I would be proud of that 🙂

I had taken my red lipstick off by that time of the photo, as I was waiting to nosh on some General Tso’s chicken despite my diet. Hey, I needed more protein – or at least that’s what MyFitnessPal tells me (I’m RockSteadyUSMC on there BTW). I’m working on whittling my body down to fit better into my clothes. Despite my chronic pain, I can at least work on my food intake. Exercise? That will be discussed with my surgeon this Friday.

So what do all y’all think? Cute? Not so cute? Too much for school? Great for school? I firmly believe that there is no such thing as being overdressed 😉

Navy shirt: NY & Company
Red cardigan: Thrifted
Vintage ’40s skirt: eBay
WWII V for Victory brooch: eBay
Wig: eBay

Easy Breezy Beautiful ’40s Half Moon Nails

I apologize for being missing in action for a bit, I just got my cat spayed and I feel like such a bad furbaby mommy! I know it’s the best for them, but it’s just hard to see my little stinky in a cone collar and all cut into having had surgery 😦 I am trying to make sure she just relaxes and rests so she can not rip open her incision and heal. I let her sleep where she wants, and I have been giving her special treats to eat, and I still feel bad! LOL.


I decided it was high time for a tutorial! I figured out a great way to do my nails in the gorgeous 1940s half moon style that so many of us love. Since this look does not look so swell on short nails, I haven’t been able to pull it off on my natural nails that just decide to say a big screw you and break off before they get any longer than about 2-3 millimeters. So I figured out a way to get the look without the natural length, and to have it look professionally done (without the price!).

Lets see what we are dealing with here:


Looks great, huh?!

Here is what you need to get started:

-Undecorated full cover glue on nail kit (There is a Kiss brand available at most drug stores like CVS that offers a good rounded vintage-like shape, see below)
-Red nail polish (or colour of your choice)
-Top coat polish
-Hole punch reinforcer stickers (see below)
-Nail file
-Nail glue



1. Open your nail kit and measure each nail size to yours for an adequate fit. Place them to the side.

2. Take out your reinforcers and attach them to the bottom of each nail, taking in account for each nail’s size and what size of half moon looks proper. Each nail should look like this:


3. Take your red nail polish and start painting each nail, just going slightly below the sticker line but never touching further below. When you paint, start with a soaked brush from the middle and then work out to each side – this helps the polish to look even.

Your nail(s) should look like this:


4. After you have completed this step on each nail, put them off to the side in a place that they will not be disturbed and let them cool for at least an hour or two. The drier, the better. I waited six hours with mine. The beauty is they are not on your nails yet so you don’t have to be terrified of fudging them up!

I put mine on top of some books I had on my desk so my cat wouldn’t get them:


After waiting a proper time…

5. Make sure your nails are DRY. You are going to be taking the stickers off now, and any residual tackiness will mess up the half moon you are looking to achieve.

When you are taking the stickers off, be sure to pull them off from the bottom of the nail up to the top, NOT from side to side. This allows for a cleaner line.

6. Take another bunch of reinforcement stickers and put them on the back of the nail just like they were on the front, like this:


7. Hold your nails by the sticker as I have done in the last pic. Take your top coat now and start putting it on top of each nail just like when you put the polish on. After you are done, return them to their drying place for another couple of hours.

8. Check to make sure the nails are completely dry after a few hours. If they are, take the reinforcement stickers off of them. Get your nail glue and begin to glue them on, applying the glue to the back of the nail and sliding it down to the base so it gets adequately bonded and covered to your nail.

After you have finished that, then you are really finished! They look pretty good huh? I intend to do this on most of my manicures now, and my nail kit comes with 10 sets of nails, so I have 9 more to work on 😉

I hope this works as well for you as it did for me!