St. Patrick’s Day Etsy SALE!


In honour of St. Patrick’s Day (although I am not the least bit Irish) I am having a sale in my Etsy shop! You can receive 17% off (for the 17th, get it? LOL) only until Monday! I have added a whole bunch of cool new items to the shop, including some of these gems…


This beautiful 1940s lace detailed blouse! It is a harder to find larger size, and looks very delicate and beautiful. A separate that will match nearly anything.


These totally amazing 1950s Vintage Cat Eye Rockabilly Eyeglasses are in wonderful condition and are just awaiting your prescription to be put in them! You can even have non-prescription lenses put in if you have 20/20 vision (jealous!) or wear contacts most of the time. I have a referral for a good place that does the lenses for you for $25 as opposed to the much higher amount you would spend at an optometry store if you would like to do that.


This 1940s celluloid palm tree brooch has amazing detail and is in mint condition considering its age! It is perfect for the upcoming spring and summer months to add a little tropical flare to your wardrobe (or help remind you that warmer weather is coming if it is as cold near you as it is here in NYC today!).


I also have this wonderful 1960s embellished and beaded sheath dress available. It is a very high quality dress, and feels very sturdy and has a good weight to it. It is fully lined and has the most amazing beading and embroidery detail that I wish I could capture on photos properly!

The coupon code to use at checkout for 17% off is: STPATS17

There are a bunch more items available in my Veronica Vintage shop and I may be adding even more this weekend, so check everything out and treat yourself to some wonderful vintage 🙂

I hope everyone has a wonderful & fun St. Patrick’s Day weekend! But not too fun, otherwise you’ll be waking up with a headache Monday morning! 😉

Just For The Hell Of It Sale!

Hey y’all!

I am having a sale in my Etsy shop – a Just For The Hell Of It sale! You can take 18% off anything in my shop by using the code FORTHEHELLOFIT at checkout. Why 18%? Just for the hell of it! (That and this student lady needs some cash for school stuff 😉 )

I have added some new dresses and purses to the shop recently, and more will be listed soon. This sale will last until the beginning of February, so go for it while you can, ladies! Get yourself a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ to help make these grey and cold winter days a little brighter 🙂

Go see my shop in all of its splendor right here!

Just Call Me Miss Thrifty

Well, I am sure you can guess as to what this post concerns! I went thrifting yet again yesterday, as that has now become my ritual to hit up as many thrift shops as possible when I am visiting my Mom down here at the Jersey Shore. I went to my two usuals that I go to every time, which are the charity thrift shop on route 37 and another a little more down 37 and off the beaten path. And damn, did it seem like it was thrift day for everyone yesterday! Both parking lots were packed; I think it may be because most shops get/put out their new acquisitions on Tuesdays. But I am a champion fast browser, so I made sure to look quick and grab anything I may have liked. That way, I already have it and can decide later as to whether I really want to buy it. That’s always a good rule of thumb to go by, especially when shops are busy.

“So what the hell did you buy?!” I’m sure you’re asking by now. Well, lets dive in, shall we?


I got one fabulous tea length a-line plaid skirt, and I nearly died when I saw this amazing barkcloth circle skirt on the rack – in my size, too!

But the detail is killer:


That is at the bottom near the hem of the skirt. But check out the waist – and the price!


Amazing, n’est pas?

I also bought a basic black silk blouse that can go with anything. Every vintage girl needs a decent basic white and basic black shirt in their wardrobe so that it can go with anything. I have my white one coming in the mail, and this is my black one:


I also snagged myself a beautiful cream white chiffon scarf for cheap:


Next, I went to the thrift shop that you kind of have to “know about”, if you know what I mean. It’s a bit off the beaten path but well worth a good run over there! Let’s look at what I snagged there:


These are two shirts that just screamed “BUY ME!” as soon as I spotted them. They definitely have more of a rockabilly vibe, which I wear a lot as well of course. Leopard print is something you can never go wrong with, and I just loved the colours in that plaid shirt!


This is a dress I am not too sure about. I’m not sure if it looks ’40s or ’50s enough. Does it look too ’80s, too ’90s? It has a cute white print on a forest green with some nice detail, but I still can’t figure it out.


I figured for only $4, why not give it a shot. What do you all think?

I think my only problem now is how I am going to haul all of this clothing back home with me, between my backpack full of clothes I already brought and my cat in her carrier, this is going to be a logistical nightmare! LOL.

Nifty, Thrifty, and Awesome!

I am currently here visiting my Mom as the semester is over and staying at home for a month with nothing to do does not appeal to me. I can stay here, have a good time with my Mom doing absolutely nothing, and of course – visit a few thrift shops along the way!

Most of the thrift shops down here in southern NJ aren’t bad, and dare I say are actually better than NYC ones just for the sheer fact that all of the hipsters don’t get to everything before us regular folks do. That and it is mad cheap here! As I had mentioned in an earlier post, most of this area is a retirement community, so the older ladies and lads unleash their older clothing to the many choice thrift shops around town. Of course, any time I am down here I just ITCH to go to the many thrift shops around. As of late, my Mom and I have been ill will some sort of stomach bug from some dip we ate at her friend’s house New Year’s Eve. But, I still pulled myself together to go to this thrift shop that I saw as an advert on TV a few days prior. It looked like a fabulous place, and boy was I on the mark!


It is called “Off The Racks”, and most of the clothes come from a sister consignment shop that has not sold the clothes within thirty days. The layout and look of this store is gorgeous! You really don’t feel like you are in a typical thrift shop, but more like in a boutique. Everything is extremely organized, from dresses to pants to sweaters and everything in between. They are all even subdivided into sizes, from XS/S through 3X. They have sale racks too and everything is $1.99. Everything else is the store, no matter what, is all $4.99. How amazeballs is that? Just check out how well organized this store is:


They had some fabulous items there, from the high end to designer to rare names and everything in between. They even had a pair of designer shoes worth well over $500 there selling for only $10! Can you believe that?! I am so disappointed that I have such huge feet that I couldn’t buy any of those gorgeous shoes – and most had a vintage inspiration to them! Poo poo 😦

But what did I buy? I still snagged some fabulous things! Take a gander below:


1950’s inspired bolero – $4.99


High waist ’40s inspired work/swing pants – $4.99


What we’ve got here is a polka dot bolero with a chiffon tie – $4.99; blue nautical inspired shirt – $1.99; black wool cardigan with embellishments (see photo of detail below) – $4.99


This photo of the detail on this black cardi does nothing for how wonderful it looks!


I LOVE these pants! They have quite a wonderous 1940s/1950s ladies jeans type feel, including the high waist. Just as soon as I saw them, I immediately grabbed them. And, of course, for only $4.99.


Don’t you just love these? The top is a nautical inspired jean bolero with a Peter Pan collar and this super cute anchor design on the lining. The red cardigan is one I need anyway because for some odd reason I have no red cardis whilst most things I own have at least a bit of red in it – how did that happen?! Red is my favourite colour!

Of course, those two tops above were $4.99 as well.

Do you know what else they had that my Mom amazingly found for me?



I almost fainted. How awesome is that? I know it’s a CD, but my Bose DVD system will play CDs wonderfully, and I am beyond excited to see how fab it all sounds. The CD itself looks immaculate!

And how much did this incredible thrifting haul cost me? Thirty dollars! Yes, that’s right, 3-0 dollars. And the absolute best part? The proceeds go to helping abused, sheltered, and milled puppies! OMG I literally screamed with glee when she said that. I would have bought the whole store just to help the little puppies. I’m a total softie for animals 🙂

Want to check out more? Head over to their Facebook and see what’s up! And if you are ever in the area, head to:

950 Route 9 North
Bayville, NJ 08721

Have any of you gone on any great thrifting hauls lately? Any shops you are dying to visit?