Veronica Vintage Photo-A-Day on Instagram!


I’ve been seeing these “Photo-a-Day” challenges for months now and I have gotten in on the fun quite often. I really enjoy it, and the limits of the word or two makes you really think outside the box about what could fit those parameters. I look forward to what the new challenge is each day!

That’s when I decided – why not do a photo-a-day myself?! I have the one up above all ready and set for April, and I hope that you will enjoy participating as much as I will. We can all be battle buddies and learn and grow from each other. What a better way to make more friends while having fun exploring your creative side!

Of course, I will be following my own photo a day as much as possible (everyday, really), and I hope you will join me. And if any of you have any requests or ideas for a topic for next month’s photo a day, please let me know by contacting me by clicking the link on the above bar.

I am excited to start this fun journey and exciting hobby with you. Let’s go!

*Don’t Forget, Dolls!* – only THREE more days to enter my Shabby Apple giveaway!

Archie, Veronica, Betty, Jughead & the Gang!

Many of you may not know, but I have been a fan of the Archie comics gang since I was single digit in age. I remember going to the Foodtown in my town and looking at the Archie digests near the checkout and imploring my Mom to buy it for me. I would read and re-read them, always enjoying the antics and situations the characters got into. The past few years I kind of lost my connection to the gang of Riverdale High, but with the recent release of MAC’s “Archie’s Girls” collection, one could say I’ve gotten back into my groove and love for the comics!



These are the glosses I recently bought on eBay – one from Betty, and one from Veronica. I lived both the colours, and wanted a gloss from each “side” even though I’ve always fancied myself as a Veronica (and apparently so do my friends as well!). After I purchased these glosses, I went on a hunt for some Archie comics themselves. Soon, I found this comic from 1970 for only $1 on Etsy!


I read the whole issue in less than an hour after receiving it in the mail. Even though these comics are meant for kids, many of us “older folk” still enjoy reading them for the nostalgia factour. I also love the vintage flair they have – you can sense it in the clothes as well as what the characters say and do. I was instantly re-addicted! I immediately bought more old comics 🙂


These are all issues from around when I bought them when I was a kid. Seven digests and seven double digests. I have already cracked open one of them and am enjoying every page. But my real pride and joy!

Right here!





A sixty year old Archie comic, from Jan/Feb 1953! I love looking at the clothes and hair styles of both Betty and Veronica, as well as the ads! I managed to grab this bad boy on eBay for only $10 when most of the other ones around this time were going for $40 or $50! That’s the advantage of having a saved search 😉

Archie comics can go as far back as World War II on eBay, I’ve seen! They usually go over $100 or more, so for now it will be something I have to dream about 🙂

Just For The Hell Of It Sale!

Hey y’all!

I am having a sale in my Etsy shop – a Just For The Hell Of It sale! You can take 18% off anything in my shop by using the code FORTHEHELLOFIT at checkout. Why 18%? Just for the hell of it! (That and this student lady needs some cash for school stuff 😉 )

I have added some new dresses and purses to the shop recently, and more will be listed soon. This sale will last until the beginning of February, so go for it while you can, ladies! Get yourself a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ to help make these grey and cold winter days a little brighter 🙂

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